A few words about us

3rd Generation retains values while expanding and molding into a new world

We are very proud of the legacy behind us. An early visionary our founder saw profit in areas others glossed over. Starting with a single-track type tractor the idea was born to move equipment inside factories in the emerging Detroit auto sector.

Finding that a tractor of that caliber possesses many other features, sitework was an easy addition to the repertoire. Vertical integration was in use before it was a business practice. More out of necessity we grew by adding additional services that we needed. We have grown into a multifaceted corporation that can handle a wide variety of services.

We now look towards the future of what can be and reaching levels that our early founders could have never imagined. The world changes every day, and we are there to build on that change.

Our advantages

Having a rapid response mindset allows us to service our customers with abilities they are not used to. Having fought oil well fires in the mid 80's to remove snow at some of the busiest airports in the country, we understand the need.

In the world of text and email, answering the phone still has a lasting effect on a relationship. Any time of the day we can be there. It's the lost art that is fading away in a techy world. We combine those mediums to find a path to service and support. Benefiting the end user not just our customer. Values that were instilled in the early days of the company that are moved forward today.

24-7 Service and Support

Engineering solutions is not a 9-5. We are known for the long hours and always available service for our customers. It simply sets us apart.

Vertical integration with multidisciplinary value

Refreshingly unique services, handling multi facets all in one group. It changes the ways things get done. Quickly and effectively.